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August 10th, 2013

Ways For School Children To Help Preserve America’s Beaches

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One of the best ways to create environmentally conscious citizens for the future is to ensure that kids start working to preserve America’s beaches while they are young. To learn how school children can help clean up the beaches, keep reading.

1. Plan field trips to dirty beaches so the children can literally clean them. When kids spend a few hours cleaning up trash and other debris from a beach, they are more likely to remember the lesson; this way the youngsters will know to never leave their garbage on the beach.

2. Have (more…)

June 21st, 2013

How Coastal Residents Can Help Keep Their Communities Clean

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If you live in a coastal community, then there is a good chance that you have noticed a lot of little along the shores of your local beaches. This is very common in coastal areas because pollutants that get put into the ocean eventually have to wash up somewhere. However, having all of this trash and little wash ashore can make your beach-going experience less enjoyable and can make your town look run down. If this bothers you, (more…)

May 2nd, 2013

Beachcombing: Why It’s Fun As Well As Environmentally Responsible

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Beachcombing combines fun with exercise and can help our environment. Many manmade products end up littering the ocean and beaches. Some of these objects are interesting and even valuable, but many are dangerous to wildlife. As you wander the surf, you can make a positive difference while also having a beautiful day in the sun.

Beachcombing Tips

Wear Shoes

There is nothing like the feel of soft sand beneath the feet; however, sharp objects (more…)

February 20th, 2013

Green Energy and Water Pollution

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It seems that once upon a time the http://www.texasenergycompanies.net/just-energy-texas/ were about saving natural resources, reducing water pollution and achieving energy independence. A recent news article by Todd Elliot, of the Eunice News in Louisiana, uncovered a growing concern by the citizens of Louisiana about being charged a net metering fee of 50 while using solar energy.

Citizens are puzzled by the proposal from their district 3 commissioner, Clyde Holloway, about net metering “tacked on charges”. Area resident of Eunice, Dianne Michon stated, “They, (The Entergy Power Company of Eunice) are purchasing energy from me, why should I have to pay more for net metering?” Indeed why? Net metering, is solar power being rerouted into the grid from a solar power energy source. These meters were installed by power companies to collect excess power the solar energy user generates.

One would think these power companies would be paying the solar energy using homeowner, instead of demanding a fee for receiving excess energy. The power companies contend that the net metering fee is a recap for “recurring installation fees”, when solar power is not used by the solar power customer. Some customers using solar power energy see state and public officials levying a net metering raise as a “new tax that penalizes people who want to be responsible with their energy consumption and to the environment.”

Citizens of the gulf states of Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Texas respond favorably to green energy sources, and contend that solar power, cuts down on water pollution and air pollution from state and local power companies. The question of the integrity of having to pay levied taxes on the sensible use of sustainable green energy is still being hotly debated in the gulf state areas.

Is it right for state and local officials to punish those who use alternative energy sources, by taxation in order to make up the loss of revenue, which would have otherwise been garnered by the use of the local electricity grid? Is it right for those citizens, who can afford to utilize green energy sources when their neighbors cannot, to stay under the radar of local and state taxes for grid use? For the time being, it seems the solar panel companies are the only ones profiting from the solar panel installation in these gulf state areas, collecting about 40 percent of the non-state taxpayer’s dollars.

December 2nd, 2012

Modern Careers In Coastal Environmental Preservation

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There are a number of potential careers in preserving the coasts of a country. There are various sea grant programs in the United states that allow for employment for conservation around the coastal areas. There are many forms of pollution that can affect the ocean and the coast. Untreated waste water can add nutrients and other contaminants. Air pollution, such as carbon dioxide, can also be absorbed by the ocean and cause acidification. Other forms of pollution present along the coasts (more…)

November 29th, 2012

Best Colleges For Marine Environmental Education Studies

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If you are interested in starting a career in Marine Environmental Education, a good step would be to get a degree in that area. A lot of schools offer programs that are environmentally focused, but some have more of an emphasis on marine and coastal preservation. Below are some programs that stick out as being the best in this field.

University of Miami
The University of Miami features an undergraduate program that has plenty of (more…)

November 26th, 2012

Fun Facts About Marine Sea Life

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Within the planet’s beautiful oceans, there’s extraordinary examples of life. In fact, most of Earth’s life forms exist in the oceans. Every year, new and unusual species are discovered in the ocean’s deepest waters. On the ocean’s bottom, where there’s no sunlight, new life forms adapt and evolve through chemosynthesis. With chemosynthesis, chemical reactions provide the energy source in lieu of sunlight. Rather than absorbing sunlight, deep ocean waters form microbial mats that serve as the main source of chemosynthesis. Typically, these animals are (more…)

November 22nd, 2012

How You Can Help Preserve America’s Beaches

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To preserve America’s beautiful beaches for future generations, you must ensure that you minimize the impact of every trip you make to the beach. First, start by obeying the posted laws on the beach. Some beaches, for example, do not allow dogs. If you have a dog, you should research the beach you plan to visit ahead of time. If the beach you want to visit doesn’t allow dogs, you must leave your pet at home. (more…)

November 19th, 2012

The Importance Of Keeping Coastal Areas Clean

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There are many reasons to keep coastal areas clean. These areas are unique ecosystems that serve as a wildlife refuge. Metal, glass, and plastic trash are an attractive nuisance for marine life and birds as they are shiny. The animal may ingest the object, which can cause an intestinal obstruction or perforate vital organs with their sharp edges, resulting in severe damage or death.

Trash can be a deterrent to coastal area tourism as well as a (more…)